Sex is an inevitable part of every person’s life. Sometimes, it may be not as easy as ABC to find a sexual partner who will share all your wants and needs.

Are you looking for the girlfriend who is ready to make love all night long, who doesn’t say “Sorry, I have a headache today”?

Just buy a sex doll and enjoy amazing sex you’ve never had before.

For this, you need to get the babe that will look like your best match.

How to choose a lifelike sex partner who will be able to realize your secret sex fantasies?

Luckily, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide for you to make the right choice without bothering your head.

Learn about all the kinds of sex dolls you can choose from and decide which one you’d like to see in your bedroom.

High-End Luxury Sex Dolls

These are the incredible sex babes made of premium quality materials. It’s easy to confuse such a doll with a real lady. She can even stand on her own thanks to the sturdy skeleton and movable joints made of the long-lasting materials.

Buying a high-end luxury lifelike partner, you make the best investment. She’ll become the partner you’ve always been dreaming about.

Such dolls are hand made with great care to every smallest detail. You won’t find any differences with a real woman when examining the girl’s body.

Such babes have a very realistic body, for which production only high-quality silicone is used. Of course, they cost more expensive than other kinds of dolls. But they are really worth your money.

It’s difficult not to fall in love with such a girl waiting for you at home.

Choose any position you like and make love to a luxury girlfriend with the lifelike vagina, tits, and ass.  Such girlfriends will be by your side for years being ready to please you in the morning and in the evening.

Mid-Range Sex Dolls

As for mid-range sex dolls, they look good as well. However, the materials they are made of differ. They still look like real beautiful women with nice boobs and vaginas.

But if you have a closer look at the body of such a girl, you may find some minor differences. Compared to the luxury dolls, mid-range sex dolls cost less expensive.

For their production, either silicone of the lower quality or elastomer is used.

If you want to buy a sex doll for the first time, you’ll hardly notice these differences when choosing between a luxury doll and the one that belongs to the category of mid-range sex dolls.

This means that you can save money and still enjoy great fun making love to this kind of a doll. Such a babe can take different sex positions but compared to luxury dolls,  she is more flimsy.

Her skeleton is thinner. There is one thing you should keep in mind – the cheaper babe is made of the lower quality silicone won’t look beautiful for long.

Be prepared for the need to change your sexual partner in a couple of years.

Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Do you have business trips often? Then, this kind of baby will suit you best.

It’s a mini-doll who has a realistic appearance. They have smaller proportions but this doesn’t mean that there are no dolls with big tits and asses among them.

You’ll easily find a girlfriend with a DD-cup size choosing from entry-level dolls.

The main difference between the above-listed dolls is the size. An entry-level doll is not that doll but this can’t be named a disadvantage because you can take her with you everywhere.

Her skeleton is light, so it isn’t heavy and can be carried in a suitcase.

Such a girl is a good choice if you want nobody to find out about your sex partner.

So, choosing a mini version of a girlfriend has its own pros.

Big Breast Sex Dolls

Is breast the first thing you pay attention to when looking at a woman in the street?

Then, a sex doll with huge tits will be the best investment of your money.

Such girls have really amazing boobs, which size may be that large that there is no such a bra that would fit it.

You won’t resist touching the breast of double D-cup size, which is made of the high-quality silicone that makes boobs soft to the touch.

You won’t feel almost any difference when touching huge nice tits of a doll and breast of a real woman. Lifelike breast of huge size is the best choice for men who like big-breasted women most of all.

Big Ass Sex Dolls

Do you think that a pretty lady should have a huge ass?

Preferences of men differ and you can choose a sex partner according to your taste.

In case, you have a hard-on every time you see a woman with curvy hips and big sexy ass, then you won’t regret buying a big ass sex doll.

Such dolls look beautiful having a slim thin waist and the largest ass you could ever found.

MILF Sex Dolls

MILF sex babes are designed especially for men who give preference to mature ladies. They look a bit chubby but still beautiful. MILF babes have some special charm you won’t resist.

She’s an experienced partner who knows what she wants from a man and is able to give him exactly what he needs.

Choosing a MILF sex partner, you’ll be able to satisfy your dirty fantasies, for example, making love to your friend’s mom.

Flat-Chested Sex Dolls

Most men prefer women with big boobs. They choose sex partners with this principle in mind: “The larger the breast, the better!” Aren’t you among those who think that A-cup breast looks better than double D-cup?

Then, you are recommended to buy a flat-chested sex baby.

Such dolls look like naive teenagers who haven’t had sex experience with men yet. Choose your tiny baby with a flat chest and enjoy sex with a young pretty lady.

Black Sex Dolls

Have you ever had sex with a black woman?

It’s high time to try how it feels to make love to a black sex babe.

These sexy dolls have appeared on the market not long ago and have already won the attention of men.

Their skin color varies from milk chocolate to dark color. Choose your hot black babe with any size of ass and tits you want and have fun.

Celebrity Sex Dolls

There is almost no man who has never fallen in love with some famous singer or actor. Now, you can live your dream and fuck a doll that looks like a celebrity.

There is a large selection of celebrity sex dolls that look like real. It’s difficult to distinguish them from real babies.

You can order your celebrity babe here.

Sex Doll Torsos

These dolls will suit men who want to save money and still enjoy great sex with a doll.

They don’t have long legs as well as hands. But they have everything you need. Their vaginas and boobs look really good.

Some of them have anus for you to enjoy anal sex as well.

Of course, sex doll torsos can’t be called beauties because they are just for having a fuck. Compared to luxury 100% lifelike dolls, you are unlikely to experience emotions towards a torso.

It’s made for you to satisfy your basic wants and needs paying an affordable price for such satisfaction.

Fleshlights and Pocket Pussies

It’s a sex toy, which can also provide you with great sensations. Instead of using your hand, you can use a pocket pussy and satisfy your needs. This purchase has its own advantages.

First of all, its cheap price. Secondly, the convenience of use. Thirdly, an ability to take it with you everywhere so that nobody finds out you’re carrying a sex toy like this.

So, buying a pocket pussy may be a great deal as well. If you want to save and still have high-quality sex, don’t hesitate to try this option.


The choice of sex dolls is really huge. Hope that using this detailed guide it will be easier for you to find the best match for you.

Choose the sex doll to match your needs and budget and have lots of fun!

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