Since ages, female sex dolls used to be bought by men. You can argue that male sex dolls have been also produced and bought.

However, one fact is evident: the numbers of male and female sex dolls purchases cannot be even compared.

Moreover, male sex dolls were promoted as gays and bi-curious guys, hence, in most cases, they were meant to be for men, as well.

Now, the situation has changed. And the changes are not only in the number of male sex dolls that are sold. There are significant changes in a way male toys are promoted, as well.

Women Are Not Afraid to Demonstrate Their Needs

The main reason for the popularity growth of male sex dolls is no doubt the huge change in the women`s status. Women became much more independent both socially and personally.

Now, they are building a relationship with the consideration of their own wishes and expectations. And if a man doesn’t comply, alas, there is always a perfect sex partner and companion – a lifelike male sex partner.

The way how women make this purchase has changed, as well. If just a couple of years ago a woman would have preferred a secret vibrator, for example, now, she would select a silicone man.

Men Come out of Shade to Declare Relationship Between People of the Same-Sex

“But what about men?” you might be thinking.

Ok, you are absolutely right, they have an impact on the trend, as well. Men – LGBTQ members become more open about their sexual orientation and hence, about the selection of a partner.

Hence, they are looking for ways to satisfy their sexual needs in a way they prefer.

However, you understand, that dating a person for life is not a simple task. And this task becomes even more complicated if a person is a LGBTQ community member.

That’s why some men just prefer purchasing a silicone male sex doll rather than suffering from being lonely.

Male Sex Dolls Are Better Designed and More Functional

Due to the reasons described above female sex partners have been always better designed and constructed. The manufacturers always pay more attention to the improvement of a product that sells better. Male sex toys, on the contrary, were rather uncomfortable and had a very awkward look.

Now, when the demand for male dolls is growing, manufacturers pay more attention to their design and functionality.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of male sex dolls. That’s why on our website you can find male dolls with cocks that look like real.

Moreover, all our male dolls are so elaborately made that they provide only the most genuine experiences.

You can feel their skin, their muscles – everything is so realistic, that is difficult to believe that they are dolls, not real men.

So, all kind of relationship with male toys has moved to a completely different level.

A Usual Sex Doll or a Sex Doll of Your Dreams? Design and Build Your Own Sex Doll

If you are in search of a perfect female silicone partner, you can have a look at our collection of the most amazing silicone female representatives.

Do you like skinny or plump girls? Or maybe you make your choice based on completion, hair color or something else? We have all the options, just check out all of them and select the one that turns you on.

But what should you do if you are not attracted by those typical dolls? You want some personal experience, something that will belong to you only.

We understand you and we have this special solution: customized dolls, based on your design. Create an embodiment of your love, your fantasies, and desires.

Build your perfect sex doll, fulfill all your secret desires. Are you ready? Get in touch with us today!

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