Have you chosen your perfect sex doll but haven’t tried making love to it yet?

This guide will give you all the info on how to use your new girlfriend and have lots of fun an pleasure.

Here you will find everything you need to know: from unboxing your new partner to repairing it in case you’ve suddenly broken it.

Having sex with a lifelike doll is going to become a completely new experience for you.

Check this guide to be aware of all the smallest details on how to make the best of your investment.

Unboxing & Assembling Your Sex Doll

The day your new sex friend arrives will be one of the happiest days in your life.

You’ve been waiting for the delivery for a week or two. And finally, you get your dream lady.

Of course, you have only one wish when seeing a courier with your perfect lifelike sex babe. But don’t hurry. Before you both have fun, you need to unbox a doll and assemble it.

You should take into account that lifelike dolls weigh up to 70 pounds together with the package.

This means you need to prepare a lot of free space to assemble it comfortably. Such a large weight means that it’s difficult to take the package on your own, especially, if you are an elderly man.

So, take these nuances into account and be prepared for them. Have a look at the steps you should make to assemble your new sexual partner successfully.

  • Choose a spacious room for unboxing a doll.
  • Use a knife to open the package. Be extremely careful not to damage the doll.
  • Go and wash your hands before touching your new friend.
  • Take all the clothes and other accessories from the package.
  • Take it from the box together with the blanket.
  • Put the head on the doll.
  • You can use it now.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult if you follow the steps above.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should be careful when using scissors or a knife not to damage the high-quality materials the doll is made of.

Making Love to Your Doll

Now, your babe is here and finally, you can make love to her.

Most men treat their dolls like real girlfriends because they look real and are made of the premium-quality materials, which create a sensation that you touch a real lady.

It’s impossible not to experience any emotions when having sex with such a real baby.

So, be ready to accept the fact that it won’t be just making love and that’s it.

In most cases, men fall in love with their partners and enjoy not only physical but also emotional satisfaction.

Vaginal Sex with Your Doll

Vaginal sex with the doll feels like sex with a real woman thanks to the top-quality silicone vaginas are made of.

You shouldn’t use any kind of protection when having sex with your hot babe. You can come inside her. This won’t harm your babe.

It’s just one of the great advantages of having such a friend. Have vaginal sex with a doll as you do with a real woman. Penetrate the vagina and start having fun.

You can change positions and do everything you want with her. Luxury girlfriends have completely movable joints and a sturdy skeleton that allows them to stand on their own and take any position.

So, you are guaranteed to enjoy sex that won’t differ from the natural vaginal sex with a real human partner.

The only difference is that you have full control of sex and can satisfy all your needs to the fullest.

Anal Sex with Your Doll

Have you always wanted to try anal sex but your partner rejected your wish?

In fact, anal may be a very enjoyable experience but few ladies agree to have it. It’s due to the fact that it may be painful to have anal sex without preparation.

Your sexual partner is always ready to have anal sex with you. So, choose the most convenient position and live out your fantasy.

You won’t feel any difference with the anus of a real human. The designers have made their best to make it as realistic as possible. You’re likely to enjoy anal hole of the doll a lot.

Sex Dolls and Oral Sex

Oral with a sex doll has lots of benefits.

First of all, you can be 100% sure that there is no risk to be infected. Secondly, this girl will always be glad to do a blowjob.

The only thing you should remember about is that to use her with this aim you need to get a lubricant.

It can be easily explained by the fact that no saliva is produced in dolls. It is the only difference with a real woman.

Lifelike babes will never say you “No, I am not ready for a blowjob”. You will have it as long as you want. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Lubricants and Your Sex Doll

If you have ever used lubricants, you must know that there are several types of them: silicone-, water,- and oil-based.

When using a sex toy, you are recommended to avoid the first and the last types. Only water-based lubricants can be used.

As for other types of lubricants, they may harm its materials. If you feel that there is not enough lubricant, you can add a bit of warm water.

Choose a high-quality lubricant and use it in the place you want to penetrate.

Sex Doll Storage

Have you got a new partner but don’t know how to hide it from your friends or relatives who visit you often? It’s not a problem with a specially designed case.

It’s not only convenient but also safe to store your doll in such a case. There is a temperature regimen that is just perfect for your doll.

Pay attention to the fact that high-quality materials the doll is made of can be not that long-lasting if you don’t store it taking into account all the producer’s requirements.

Remember that silicone is sensitive to high or too low temperatures. Take care of your new friend either storing it in a case or leaving it open.

Nothing bad will happen if you leave your new girlfriend in your bedroom.

But this solution doesn’t suit most men because it’s impossible to hide the fact you are the owner of such a hot lady.

Dressing Your Sex Doll

Dressing a doll can become the funniest part of the entertainment.

Though some men don’t care about clothing, there are many men who like getting sexy lingerie and costumes for their sex dolls.

You are unlikely to be mistaken when choosing the size of clothes because producers of sex dolls include measurements for your convenience. If you have never bought clothes for women, you’d better choose something that doesn’t cost a fortune.

You can check how a new costume fits your girlfriend and buy more expensive clothes next time. Those men who don’t put on clothes on their dolls deprive themselves of a great opportunity to enjoy role-play.

Just imagine how great it is to have fun with a nurse, your favorite game character, a waitress, etc.

It’s up to you to change the image of your new friend and enjoy making love experiencing completely new sensations each time.

Accessorizing Your Doll

It’s not a secret that all ladies love jewelry. What about your sex partner? Want to present her with a nice bracelet? Why not?

The only thing you should bear in mind is that it’s not a good idea to store it in a case wearing any kind of accessories.

Also, you should avoid buying accessories that can damage the silicone.

Choose light accessories, which don’t weigh much and are made of good quality materials.

Your Doll’s Hairstyle

Changing clothes, accessories, and doll’s hairstyle, you’ll be able to change her appearance greatly.

You can use any kind of accessories for hair. A sexy babe has a wig but it can be changed at any moment.

By the way, you need to take care of it if you want it to look beautiful for long.

Glossy hair should be washed with a shampoo like in real women.

Perfumes and colognes

Everyone knows that perfumes may men feel sexual arousal.

However, when using your favorite perfume or cologne for the doll, you need to be careful.

The producer recommends to use for clothes, otherwise, it may have a negative effect on the silicone the doll is made of.

If you want your doll looks perfect for years, then you need to follow this rule. Alcohol that is included in the composition of all perfumes can destroy your doll’s materials.

Women and Sex Dolls

There are sex dolls for women as well. There is an opinion that only men buy dolls for sex. It’s a misconception because hundreds of women like making love to lifelike partners as well.

It’s possible to use their penis as a dildo if you find it more convenient. Male sex dolls can be used by both women and men who like men.

Other Sex Acts

What are lifelike sex dolls created for?

Of course, for you to gain a completely natural sexual experience. This means you can everything you want with your doll. Imagine that it is your partner.

You can change positions while having sex, changing places when making love, and even having sex in three, either with one more doll or a real woman.

Feel free to make all your fantasies come true.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

If you want to have your doll by your side as long as possible, you shouldn’t neglect the rules of cleaning it. Every time you finish inside your doll, you should clean.

How to do this? Just buy a special irrigator to clean her vagina. You can use water to clean the place you have penetrated.

Make sure the doll is dry before placing it inside the case. Proper storage of the doll is the key to success. She will last for long if you clean it always and don’t use heavy accessories.

Sex Doll Repair

It’s quite a rare case when a sex doll is broken. Of course, it may depend on how careful you are when using a doll. If you have damaged the doll suddenly, don’t start panicking.

You can use a specially designed kit for sex dolls like yours. Is repairing not your strong point?

No worries! There are experts who you can entrust this to. Your doll will be repaired successfully if you turn to professionals.

Customizing Your Doll

There are so many sex dolls that it’s extremely difficult to choose only one. But some men are looking for something really special.

For example, you have fallen in love when being a teenager but she didn’t answer your feelings. You can have this girl as your girlfriend now. Just tell about her features and you will get the doll made according to your instructions.

Customizing your doll is a great opportunity to make love to that special one you have been dreaming about.

Traveling With Your Sex Doll

Don’t want to leave your favorite sex doll alone when having a business trip? What to do? There is an effective way out. Just take her with you in a suitcase.

The only thing to take into account is that luxury dolls have the parameters of real women. It won’t be easy to hide such a lady in your suitcase.

However, there are smaller options you can choose from and travel safely.

Final Thoughts

Getting a sex doll is a rather expensive thing. But believe that it’s worth your money. Having such a partner, you’ll be able to build ideal relationships you’ve never had before.

Hope that this complete guide will help you to take care of the doll and she’ll be giving you pleasure for years.

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