Amber: Platinum Blonde Sex Doll

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YL Doll


If you want a nasty boss bitch, Britney is the one you need! Look at her huge tempting tits. Oh, man! We bet you’ll have a hard-on in less than a minute!

But don’t be in a hurry with Britney. She won’t give you her cookie if you are too straightforward. You need to please her with precious gifts and give much attention and care first. Treat her like a princess and the reward will be so damn pleasant!

She’ll show you what a high-class blow job is. If you want to turn on Britney, you need to eat her pussy and stick your dick in between her amazing and gorgeous tits.

If you want her to let you penetrate her ass, you’ll need to give her a very special gift like a new Prada bag. Yeah, she’s bitchy! No joke.


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