Hannah: American Teen Sex Doll

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Hannah is just 18 years old, but look at her! She is sexy, alluring, she can drive men mad and she knows about it! Have a look at her fit body and perky breasts, you just want to eat them! But Hannah is not as simple as you might believe. To get her, you have to know some facts about her. She wants to become a masseuse, and she has a special gift for it: that unique super soft touch that can make you cry from pain and the next moment turn it to the highest level of pleasure.

Do you want to try it? Pass by the diner where she works and leave generous tips, she might “serve” you later, just between her shifts. Do you want more? Well, most guys around want her, so, you need to be really special. She knows how to handle the opposite sex, so, hurry up, add her to your card, otherwise, she will “service” somebody else!


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