Rosalyn: Curly Hair Sex Doll

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6Ye Doll


If wild sex is your thing, then Rosalyn is the right partner for you. Be ready though, she may surprise you. Rosalyn is a wild woman and a beast actually! She knows no limits in bed. She is not the partner for shy or conservative men since she enjoys the roughest and wildest sex practices and fetishes you can imagine.

For starters, she will beg to be spanked hard, harder! Once you penetrate her, be a stallion! Otherwise, she will not be pleased. She may ask you to try BDSM and other bizarre things to get an orgasm. For Rosalyn, there are no taboos while exploring her sexuality! She is an athletic girl with small breasts, but with a gigantic libido.

She often says: “I love men with a very high sex drive, who can fuck me all night long and realize all my fantasies without restraint.”


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