Wendy: Blonde Chubby Sex Doll

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Wendy is not your typical skinny girl so common nowadays owing to the stereotypical view of beauty created by the fashion industry. No, Wendy is a voluptuous woman, with sweet delicious tits. Want sizes? She has perfect C-cup breasts.

Wendy looks like the old film divas of the 1960s, with a firm and voluminous ass and legs. Let’s be clear though, she is not chubby or fat. She is just a sex bomb, a woman that can drive any man crazy with her gorgeous body. Wouldn’t you prefer to have sex with a woman like Wendy instead of with a skinny and glamorous girl, so thin that actually looks sick?

What’s more, Wendy has a little tummy that makes her look more real, authentic, lovable, and who will invite you to enjoy the most passionate sex you have ever experienced.


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